Welcome to our page for original content. The following are projects we are either in the process of making or have already made.

We get asked what are the common threads in our films?

The answer is pretty straight forward. Each of them, in their own way, are simply bloody good stories!




From praised, national hero to disgraced public villain, Wendy Scurr’s search for meaning since surviving the Port Arthur massacre has left her on the fringes of society. Having been publicly shamed as the face of one of Australia’s most controversial conspiracies she now lives in exile, in fear for the safety of herself and those around her.

Director: Jared Nicholson
Writer: Scott Baskett
Producer: TBC

*Pitch documents available on request




Who's the bigger fool? The fool or the fool who follows the fool? Filmmaker, Scott, reconnects with school friend, Pete, who takes him on an adventure that is part Hearts of Darkness, part Indiana Jones. With their lives firmly in Pete's hands they head to the uncharted forests of the Solomon Islands in search of local legends of giants. Along the way Scott is forced to question his old mate and the cost of the "man of a action" persona he has built for himself.

Writer/Director: Scott Baskett
Editor: Jared Nicholson
Producer: Gene Geoffrey & Scott Baskett

*Progress edit of Episode 1 - Welcome to the Jungle available on request




Stackorama! is a rollercoaster ride through the world of the International Sports Stacking (or competitive cup stacking for uninitiated).
Told through the eyes of fifteen year old competitor, Jaydyn. Jaydyn found out by watching cup stackers on Youtube that he was as good as the best in the world. Sports stacking has since become his world. This is the third time he has attended the event and is hoping for a top 5 finish.
But it’s not all smooth sailing for Jaydyn and his family as they travel to Orlando for the event. Lurking in the background is the disgraced, former Australian coach, still making his presence known despite being banned from the event.

Writer/Director: Scott Baskett
Writer/Producer: Gene Geoffrey
Cinematographer/Editor: Jared Nicholson

*Pitch documents & story treatment available on request

Starting from Scratch Brenton Torrens

starting from scratch


Nightly, Brenton plies his trade in the neon forest of Adelaide's West End, working tirelessly toward a goal few people would understand. He might have rapped about your hat as you walked by, but Brenton Torrens is not just another guy who thinks he can freestyle. The Adelaide busker is dedicated to his dream of a life in hip-hop and he sees the small city's streets as the right place to start. Starting From Scratch follows Brenton on his journey from street performer to his first live show at Adelaide’s renowned live music venue - The Gov.

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/307203146 

Writer/Director: Jared Nicholson
Writer/Producer: Scott Baskett
Producer: Farin Foster, Josh Fanning & Tyrone Ormsby

* Licensed by City Standard - 2018
*WINNER BEST DOCUMENTARY - ReelOzInd Film Festival 2018
*Private screener available on request